Indianapolis theater plans to show ‘The Interview’ on Christmas

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 23, 2014) –The movie "The Interview" has been grabbing headlines for days after it led to an international cyber-attack against Sony Pictures.

The film is a comedy about the assassination of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jung Un.  Alleged hackers made threats against theaters that were planning to show the movie.  Last week, Sony Pictures pulled the movie.  Tuesday, Sony Pictures decided to show it in a limited number of theaters.

“We felt it was an infringement on our freedom of expression, our rights as America,” explains Leigh Friedman, general manager of Georgetown 14 Cinemas.

Georgetown 14 Cinemas on the city’s northwest side is one of the theaters that will be showing "The Interview."

“You don’t want to go too far and tell people they can’t consume because you feel it’s bad and you don’t know why. Now it looks like the safety concerns were a little overblown,” explains Friedman.

"The Interview" will premiere on one of movie theater’s busiest days, Christmas.  Friedman told FOX59 they always have security on Christmas Day because of the larger crowd but this year they will have extra security officers just to be safe.  Friedman says the controversy may bring in even more movie goers.

The theater is planning on at least seven showings in two different theaters on Christmas.

The movie features Seth Rogan and James Franco.  Both actors took to Twitter to applaud Sony for allowing some theaters to show the movie.

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