With Christmas in sight, don’t fall victim to bad last-minute gifts

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With just hours until Christmas, it won’t be unusual to see hundreds of people crowding stores in search of those last minute gifts for their aunt, uncle or cousin.

With extended hours till late Christmas Eve, retailers and business are ready for those with that “desperate look” in their eyes.

But last minute shopping also brings about some bad decision making according to various shopping blogs, like “The Brock Press.”

They cite several incidents where last minute shopping purchases should never be made giving the advice that if you think someone on your gift list needs something like a self help book or a magazine subscription, you might want to think again.

Giving those type of gifts should be done if you really really know them, and are not trying to cross everyone off your Christmas gift-giving list.

And gag gifts like bacon flavored vodka or marijuana-themed gifts probably aren’t the wisest gift to give, especially if they are going to a boss/co-worker. The laugh might be good for the moment, but the long lasting impression you make with your holiday gesture might put you on the naughty list for next year.

And of course, try to stay away from gifting something that’s alive — like a pet — unless specifically requested.

So while some might love a fruitcake, they might not love something from the “Jelly of the Month”club.

Most shopping experts agree, when in doubt, give money, that is one gift never to be returned or re-gifted!

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