Deals to watch out for when you plan New Year’s Eve rides

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN (December 31, 2014) - New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are some of the deadliest days on Indiana roads. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an average of 142 people die nationwide.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is offering a free app called SaferRide to help you get home safely.

A local law firm is offering to reimburse the first $20 of your cab ride. Stewart & Stewart does this every year. Click here if you're interested.

If you decide to use a cab, there are a few things the Department of Code Enforcement wants you to keep in mind.

The DCE expects to get complaints when the night is over. Those can be anything from prices to driver behavior. It's recommended you take a picture of the driver's license and cab number when you get in the vehicle.

"We get lots of complaints where there's no information," said Josh Smith, DCE Licensing Manager. "They don't have driver name, there's no cab number. They just know they got in a cab and they got home."

If you plan to use Uber or another sharing service, that can mean higher rates due to demand because the sharing services are not regulated by the state. It's expected prices on New Year's Eve could reach seven times the normal rate.

The NHTSA wants to remind drivers on New Year's Eve that buzzed driving is drunk driving. A pledge is circulating to reinforce the dangers of buzzed driving. Click here if you'd like to sign it.

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