Governor, First Lady discuss looming decision on Pence’s future

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INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 31, 2014) - It’s been another busy year for Gov. Mike Pence, full of big decisions and news-making moments.

But in the coming year he faces a very big decision - whether or not to run for president.

Before the governor’s headline-making Christmas trip to Israel, FOX59 sat down with the governor and first lady to talk about the looming decision, and their reflections on the New Year’s holiday.

“Any time I’ve ever asked the question about the highest office in the land I’m flattered by it but I’m also humbled by it,” said Gov. Pence. “For my part I’m going to invest all of my energy all of my intention on the coming session of the General Assembly and once the state legislature adjourns next spring my family and I will probably spend some time and reflect on our future and make final decisions at that time.”

“It’s always a compliment to Indiana when people talk about Mike running for president,” said first lady Karen Pence. “I don’t know what next year will bring but right now we feel very strongly about staying in Indiana, and right now we’re planning on running for re-election.”