Lawmaker wants to allow Gov. Pence to be on the ballot for president, governor in 2016

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INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 31, 2014) – If Gov. Mike Pence decides to run for president, could he end up on the ballot for both governor and president in 2016?

He can’t under current Indiana law, but one state lawmaker wants to change that.

State Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel, has authored a bill that would make it legal for the governor to seek re-election while also pursuing federal office. The bill would also allow state lawmakers to do the same.

In a written statement Wednesday, Delph said:

“It will be up to the will of the legislature to render its judgment but I thought the conversation needed to take place in deference to our Governor especially when similar measures are being considered in other states for other potential candidates.”

Delph specifically referenced the state of Kentucky, where similar legislation is being pursued because of Sen. Rand Paul’s interest in the presidency.

Pence is up for re-election as governor in 2016, and has also been mentioned in the news as a possible presidential candidate, though Pence says he won’t make a decision until after the legislative session.

Whether lawmakers really go along with the idea this session remains to be seen.

Read a copy of Senate Bill 200

To say the least, it’s been an interesting year for Delph, after being punished by his own party for tweeting out the results of a closed door vote on the proposed ban on same-sex marriage, HJR-3.

Delph then famously went on a Twitter “tirade” calling out local churches for their lack of support.

Delph won re-election in November, defeating Democrat JD Ford.