Police issue warning about police impersonators

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  (December 31, 2014)- Police are warning citizens about police impersonators.  It’s happened at least three times in the past month.

Earlier this month, Indianapolis Metropolitan police say a man posing as an officer ended up robbing two women in Broad Ripple.

Last week, Columbus police believe a woman posing as cop tried to pull over a driver near Indianapolis Road.

The most recent police impersonator reported was Monday evening.  IMPD police say a man driving an unmarked white Trailblazer stopped a driver on I-65 South.

“He came up to the car. (He) didn’t announce himself, (or) tell me who he was. (He) just simply asked ‘Do you have any points on your license?’ Which made no sense to me at all,” explains Tim Mellender, who believes a fake cop pulled him over.

IMPD doesn’t have any records of this traffic stop, leading them to believe it was someone posing as a cop.

“These are not games kids play. These are not games adults play. This is a very serious situation and a very serious criminal offense,” explains Officer Chris Wilburn with IMPD.

Wilburn told FOX59 that officers will be wearing a full uniform and will be driving a marked vehicle.  If the cop is an undercover officer, there will typically be a uniformed officer with him or her during a traffic stop.

“Police officers always carry their personal identification and their department identification if you were to have any problems,” explains Wilburn.

Mellender said the traffic stop just didn’t feel right and that’s why he called police afterwards and filed a report.  The case is still under investigation.

If you get pulled over and suspect the officer isn’t a real officer, you can call 911 and the dispatcher will be able to tell you if there is in fact an officer at your location.