Bikeshare riders share tips on riding in winter weather, staying warm

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 8, 2015)-- The brutal Indiana winter has forced many Hoosiers to stay inside more than they normally would. But those who have to be outside said layers are the key to staying warm.

Bikeshare ridership is down in the winter months, but two riders said they still take the bikes to and from work every day, even in this cold.

“If I was walking it’s a 12 minute walk; it’s only a 6 minute bike ride,” said Jim Gaudion, who lives and works downtown. “I just pull my scarf up over my face, keep the hat on, the gloves.”

His co-worker and fellow Bikeshare rider, Greg Edwards, said the bikes are only tricky on the snow, not in the cold.

“You’ve got to go a little slower around the corners so it doesn’t slide out on you,” he said.

Elsewhere, at bus stops, riders huddle inside shelters to get out of the wind.

“It is colder than I thought, much colder than I thought,” said rider Mary Soffiantino.

Meanwhile, workers downtown, who have to remain outside, said they pile on the layers too and take frequent breaks inside warm buildings.

“You’ve got to layer up because you’re going in and out of buildings,” said Sharon Anderson, who works for the U.S. Postal Service

And though it was a snow day for many students, it was even too cold for kids to hit sledding hills.

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