Indy, Rhode Island distilleries set friendly wager on Colts-Patriots game

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (January 16, 2015) - There's a lot riding on Sunday's game between the Colts and the Patriots, and that holds true for the owners of Hotel Tango Whiskey Artisan Distillery as well.

They have a friendly wager going with Sons of Liberty Spirits in Rhode Island, and a New England loss Sunday would provide the Indy business with more than bragging rights.

The owners of Sons of Liberty Spirits posted a YouTube video on Hotel Tango Whiskey's Facebook page outlining the terms of the bet.

“We have a little wager. We bet you that our team, the New England Patriots, will win,” the video stated, adding that both product and pride were at stake.

“If the Colts win the game, we will send you a case of our Battlecry American single malt whiskey, and we will show support for your little JV team by going to the store and picking out some Colts apparel and wearing the white and blue at our distillery the day before the Super Bowl."

Brian Willsey and Travis Barnes, the owners of Hotel Tango, say they were immediately on board.

“We said, 'Heck yeah!'" recalls Willsey. "'We think we’re going to win and we would love to have some of your whiskey, so let’s do this.'”

If the Colts lose, Barnes and Willsey will have to send Sons of Liberty rum and gin, and of course wear Patriots apparel to work Super Bowl weekend.

"It’s a challenge we desperately want to win, because we do not want to don those Patriots jerseys. No way," says Willsey.

“We hate Tom Brady," adds Barnes.

There's been no shortage of insults and smack talk, but the folks at Hotel Tango say it's all in good fun. They won't hold back on flinging a few zingers New England's way though.

“Andrew Luck’s neck beard makes Tom Brady look like Ryan Leaf," taunts Willsey.

“And Andrew Luck’s neck beard is actually the biological father of Bill Belichick," says Barnes.

The antics will likely continue as we inch closer to Sunday, and there are at least two distilleries that will be watching especially close come kickoff time.

Hotel Tango Whiskey will also be serving food and drinks and showing Sunday's game, and invite Colts fans to come take part in celebrating their victory (at least they hope so).

Hotel Tango's YouTube video can be seen below:

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