Lawsuit: Landlord’s clock radio did more than just tell time

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RICHMOND, Va. (Jan. 16, 2015) – It seemed like just any other clock radio.

But according to a Richmond, Va., couple, their landlord used it for far more than keeping time, reports WTVR.

According to a $1.3 million lawsuit filed in December, the clock radio was included in the furnished apartment. Inside: a camera and a memory card.

The man who lived in the apartment discovered that he and his girlfriend were being watched—every moment recorded by the camera and saved to the memory card. They were recorded in various stages of undress and their most intimate moments were no longer private.

They found out about the recordings in March 2014 and moved out immediately.

The couple realized something was amiss when they noticed the clock radio, which had been unplugged in favor of a guitar amp, had been plugged back in and re-positioned.

landlordThey said their landlord, Tomas Arnaiz, downloaded video and pictures onto his computer.

Police arrested Arnaiz in July and recovered hours of recordings.

He’s charged with unlawful filming of a minor, reproducing child porn and producing obscene materials with a minor because the victim’s girlfriend was under 18 when she was recorded.

Source: WTVR

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