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‘Dead’ cat digs way out of own grave

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WARNING: Some viewers may find the following images disturbing.

TAMPA, Fla. (Jan. 28, 2015) – They call him Bart the Miracle Cat–and the name certainly fits.

Bart’s owner buried him after he was hit by a car. It turned out the cat wasn’t dead—and he made sure everyone knew it.

According to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Bart dug his way out of his grave five days after being buried. He was weak, dehydrated and in serious need of medical attention when he made his way back to a neighbor’s yard.

Bart’s owner contacted area veterinary clinics but couldn’t afford the treatment, and Bart went to the Humane Society’s Animal Health Center.

He’s being treated for a broken jaw, facial wounds and a ruined eye. He had surgery Tuesday, according to the agency.

Source: Humane Society of Tampa Bay