Former Indiana performer makes it to American Idol Hollywood Week

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 28, 2015) - A former Indiana performer is taking his talents from Holiday World in Santa Claus, to the American Idol stage.

Rayvon Owen spent a summer as a performer for a few shows at Holiday World. Now, he's getting the chance of a lifetime. He auditioned in San Francisco for American Idol and made it through to Hollywood Week.

He says the experience has been a dream come true, but he hasn't forgotten his adopted Indiana family. "I have so many great memories of meeting people after the shows and people who were inspirational and it’s just such a kind of energy in Southern Indiana and in that theme park that really rubbed off on me," Owen says.

Matt Eckert is the president of Holiday World. He knew Owen well when he performed at the theme park and still stays in touch. He says Owen's talent isn't the only thing that will take him far in his career. "I think that’s what makes Rayvon so special. He knows the person he is and he knows the type of artist he wants to be, so I think a show like American Idol is giving him the opportunity to kind of share that with the world," Eckert says.

Owen says he didn't know what to expect heading into the auditions, but was stunned when he was told he got a ticket to Hollywood. "The thing I remember most is my heart like beating out of my chest, being so nervous," says Owen.

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