Making you and your home burglar proof

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 28, 2015) -- There are some simple things you can do to make sure your home isn't a burglar's next target.

Last November, FOX59 News introduced you to Kenny Smith after intruders broke in to his pickup truck parked on his property, tore apart the dashboard and ultimately stole one of his other trucks. At that time, Smith said he was going to do something about it, and he did.

"What I did is I installed a camera up here that takes care of the front part of my shop and a motion light that anything comes around. Then I also installed another camera on the other side of the shop," Smith said, as he pointed out the new security measures on his property.

Smith also set up battery-operated cameras that, when the sensors are activated, take pictures of a potential prowler. Several of them are hidden on his property.

"We also updated everything in the house to make the family feel secure," Smith said.

He knows that feeling of violation that only crime victims have and he's still paranoid almost three months later.

"I get up few times through the night and if I see a spotlight on I stick around by the window to see what's going on," Smith said.

Nationwide, burglaries happen every 15 minutes. That's why the Marion County Prosecutor's Office, along with the sheriff's department and others, hosted a forum on how not to be a burglar's next victim. The Hoosiers who attended learned about what they can do to protect themselves without necessarily spending a lot of money.

"Know your neighbors. We always say that the best neighbor is a nosy neighbor. You want to know who belongs in your neighborhood and who doesn't," said Jennifer Jones, deputy prosecutor with the Marion County Prosecutor's Office.

Jones said since burglaries usually happen during the day, while you're at work, make it look like you're home.

"During this time of year make sure that your sidewalks are clear so your home looks like someone lives there," she said.

Another thing you can do is report suspicious activity to police. Anyone will tell you it's better to be safe than sorry.