Epoxy flooring offers safety, cost savings

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(Jan. 30, 2015) - Whether it's your garage, patio or porch, an epoxy flooring system may be worth stretching your budget to eventually stretch your dollar.

"Concrete is a high maintenance item.  And if you put a durability product over the top of it to protect it and preserve it, it saves the homeowner money in the future," said Jason Freund, owner of Diamond Shine Epoxy Flooring​ in Noblesville.

Freund tells FOX59 that stained garage floors and cracked driveways are not cheap to fix if you tear them up to do it.  And if you don't fix them, they can get even more damaged quickly.

"We can fix most any problem in any concrete slab.  And that's what makes us beneficial versus cutting out and tearing out and replacing the slab.  We can actually resurface it and give it a stronger composure to be able to handle the future abuse," said Freund.

To prevent that abuse to his new garage, we spoke with a homeowner who decided to go with the epoxy flooring system soon after the construction of his house.

"Jason definitely got me the right price for what he's doing.  And it's one of those things that you do it once and you're not going to have to worry about again if it's a quality job," said homeowner Mark Mathews.

The cost for Mathews was about $1,500 for a three-car garage that's approximately 800 square feet.

If that sounds like a lot, keep in mind the floor is diamond ground, and even the stairs leading up to the house were done, for no extra.  If you want to calculate how much it would run you, it's generally a matter of square footage.

"New construction can be as low as $3.50 per square foot, fully installed.  It includes the preparation work and a one-year warranty.  Concrete on older existing properties can go anywhere from $4 to $5 per square foot," said Freund.

The epoxy system isn't just for garages, but for patios, porches and your driveway, new or old.

You can do the epoxy flooring system yourself by going to a big box store, buying the materials and then putting them down.  It will probably cost you about half what a professional would charge, but chances are you wouldn't do all the prep work a pro will do.

Mathews considered doing the work before deferring to a professional.

"I could do it myself.  I'm pretty handy, but I know what I would do wouldn't last as long.  And with tire marks on there, and grease and grime, the covering is going to wear off.  That's why I chose to go with a professional.  I'll spend a little more money, but it's going to be a lot more durable," said Mathews.

Make sure you get a company that has a good track record, too.  We looked up Diamond Shine with the Better Business Bureau, and they got an A+ rating.

The entire process generally takes three days from preparation to application to dry time.

It's a wall-to-wall covering that's non-slip.  That can also lower your potential medical bills, as the epoxy system makes a slippery garage a thing of the past when done correctly.

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