Winter storm watch prompts Hoosiers to get ready

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 30, 2015) -- Grocery and hardware stores in central Indiana seem to be the place to be ahead of the first real sampling of winter. Hoosiers stocked up for what could be several inches of snow come Sunday. The Indianapolis Department of Public Works says 90 plow trucks are ready to handle surface streets.

The Indiana Department of Transportation has 1,000 trucks ready to go if there is a full call out, but they can also move trucks from one area to another depending on where the axis of heavy snow is.

You noticed a busier crowd at the grocery and hardware stores, too. The Marsh Marketplace in downtown Indianapolis, management said they stocked their shelves with plenty of bread, milk and eggs. When a storm threatens, people usually buy those things first.

"It'll be fine, we'll get out of it," said Roana who waited in the long checkout lines.

Next door to Marsh is at Fusek's True Value Hardware. They have plenty shovels and ice scrapers after making a trip to the warehouse to make sure they could re-stock for the rush.

Manager Mike Gunning pointed to the fact that ice melt was the hot commodity.

"Customers will tend to gravitate toward the rock salt. As you can see it's sold out because it's $9.99 a bag it's very cheap. However, it's not really recommended and safe for concrete. It'll be okay right now, but come spring your concrete will start flaking in places so it will damage the concrete," Gunning said.

He says it's better to spend a little more now than spend a lot in repairs later.

"It's a little bit cheaper to spend about seven more dollars for a bag of ice melt than it is to redo a whole sidewalk," Gunning said.

While stores weren't incredibly busy Friday, that may change as the storm gets closer. If you have to go out Saturday, do it early and get it over with.

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