Comcast customer service strikes again, changes customer’s name to ‘Super B—‘

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ADDISON, Ill. — It looks like Comcast customer service struck again.

The incident comes weeks after a couple found out their name had been changed to an expletive, an Illinois customer encountered a similar situation, reports WGN.

Mary Bauer, 63, Addison, Ill., said she’s had trouble with her cable signal on a consistent basis. She had to call the company repeatedly about the problem.

“I had 39 technicians here from November to April,” she told the TV station.

Eventually, the problem was resolved. Then Bauer noticed she didn’t get a bill for four months.

“I was nice enough to call them to ask how much I owe,” she said. “I was little hot and a little angry because I never got good service.” But she says she didn’t swear or call them names.

When she finally got her bill, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

“It says Super B—- Bauer,” she said. “This is a disgrace to me. Why are they doing this to me? I pay my bills. I do not deserve this.”

Comcast said the incident was under investigation.

Source: WGN

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