Missing baby’s father appears in court to face murder charges

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Willie Wilson

Update: Willie Wilson was found not guilty of murder. Read more here.

Original story:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 5, 2015) - Police are losing hope of finding the body of missing baby Delano Wilson. His father, Willie Wilson, appeared in court Thursday afternoon to face murder charges. Police arrested Wilson at his home Wednesday after months of no new developments in the case.

The six-week-old baby was reported missing on August 27, 2014. A lengthy investigation and several key pieces of evidence led police to the child's father.

Surveillance video shows Wilson walking alone just one minute before he called 911 to report someone had kidnapped the baby. Investigators also found Wilson used his phone to search the Internet for sites related to abducted children. Court documents show 24 different internet searches the morning before the baby was reported missing.

Police also found possible traces of human blood in the bathroom sink, bathtub and on a light blue baby blanket. The prosecutor could not say if the blood matched the baby's DNA.

"As far as trying the case without a body that's been done a number of times in the state. Yes, you have to present circumstantial evidence of death but as indicated in the probable cause we think we have ample proof," said Denise Robinson, Marion County deputy prosecutor.

There is little hope of finding the baby alive or even finding his body.

"I suppose that there's always hope but obviously with the passage of time that hope is diminished," said Robinson.

A spokesperson with IMPD said, "We consider Delano Wilson to be deceased and have closed the active missing persons search for the child. However, anyone with knowledge about this case is encouraged to contact IMPD or the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office."

When asked if Delano's mom will face charges, the deputy prosecutor replied, "It is still under investigation."

Court documents show Delano's mom, Taniasha Perkins, told investigators, "I don't want to say Willie did it, but in the back of my mind I have a funny feeling, but this is not his character all he does is work. He has already been through something like this."

Documents also include several references to the baby being cold to the touch the morning of August 27. At one point, Perkins said her boyfriend, Wilson, told her he was going outside to warm the child up.

That same morning, a truck driver reported seeing a man and a woman walk out of the woods then climb over a guard rail on South Holt Road near I-70. He told police the woman had a blank stare on her face. The driver didn't think much of it until he watched the parents of the missing baby on the news and realized he saw them the morning of the baby's disappearance.

During the course of this investigation, IMPD detectives also talked with police in Ohio about a previous case involving Wilson's other child.

Wilson was questioned in a previous child abuse case out of Ohio where his daughter suffered severe brain injuries. He was never charged, but the child's mother is in prison.

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