On the Record: Coats, White House discuss Obama visit

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (Feb. 5, 2015) - President Barack Obama is preparing for a visit to Indianapolis on Friday, as politicians on both sides get ready to welcome the President back to Indiana.

President Obama will speak at Ivy Tech Community College on Friday afternoon, discussing middle class economics and his plan to provide free tuition for every community college student.

FOX59 spoke with Sen. Dan Coats in this week's edition of 'On the Record' discussing everything from the President's visit, to the Anthem data breach to ISIS.

Coats says he wants to see more done to help Americans deal with data breaches.

He also penned an op-ed Thursday calling for more action in dealing with ISIS.

Coats said he had hoped to greet the President on Friday, but was unable to attend because of a pre-scheduled intelligence mission he was departing for this weekend.

Watch the video above to see our entire interview with Coats, and watch the video below to see our interview with White House principal deputy press secretary Eric Schultz.

"He’s got a program to make two years of community college free for all Americans and he’s heard about the good work that happens at Ivy Tech both the students and the faculty and he wanted to come there first hand," said Schultz.  "We actually believe there is bi-partisan support for this. One of the reasons is he believes the surest way to get to the middle class is a higher education and we need to make sure our young people have the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century."



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