Shelbyville couple arrested after 5 children found in home cluttered with trash

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SHELBYVILLE (Feb. 5, 2015) – Police arrested a Shelbyville couple after finding deplorable conditions inside their home Thursday.

Officers were at the home to serve warrants in an unrelated case for Shane Lyda. While there, they discovered another person in the home, Michele Lyda, had an outstanding arrest warrant as well.

"I'm not making excuses for myself, yeah it was messy. I've got five boys that are rambunctious," said Shane Lyda.

Inside the home in the 200 block of North West Street, police found five children. The Shelbyville Police Department said the home was filthy.

"We never want to remove kids from their parents, but in a situation like this what's best for the kids for the time being is to be removed from the house," said Lt. Michael Turner with the Shelbyville Police Department.

Officers noticed that there were “trash bags, pizza boxes, soda cans, old food and soiled clothes” lying on the floor. The smaller children were having trouble walking due to the amount of clutter.

"You catch me on one day! I've got five boys. I'm not going to lie my house is a mess a lot," said Shane Lyda.

The couple bonded out of jail and spent the day cleaning. Shane invited FOX59 inside his home.

While the majority of trash was off the floor, several bugs were crawling across the walls.

Police also reported seeing cockroaches on the floor and walls.

"I could clearly see cockroaches crawling on the walls and across the wood floor upstairs where these children were trying to sleep," said one of the responding officers.

"As as parent it's hard to think about the kids and what they have to go through. There are agencies that can help," said Turner.

"It sounds horrible. I don't know how parents could let their kids live in such filth let alone themselves," said neighbor Joe Land.

Child Protective Services arranged for a family member to take the kids.

The children are not allowed back at their parents home until a Child Protective Services caseworker approves it.

The couple was arrested on their existing warrants and charged with five counts of neglect of a dependent.

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