Tips to stretch your dollar when buying flowers for Valentine’s Day

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 5, 2015)-- 60 percent of Americans buy flowers for Valentine’s Day.  And of those, almost half purchase long stem red roses for their loved ones.

It is a popular idea, but according to some florists, it’s not a good way to stretch your dollar!

“Long stem red roses are in high demand this time of year, so you’ll be paying at least 30 percent more this time of year for them,” said Lisa Schwier, Owner of Post Road English Garden.

There are some simple solutions to over-spending.  For one, you can always buy anything but long stem red roses.  Even short stemmed red roses are half the price!  And most other colors of rose are 30 percent less.

Recent surveys show that the vast majority of women don’t want red roses, but something unique.

Here's another way to stretch your dollar, stretch the life of whatever you do buy.

“You can recut long stem roses probably 12 times.  If you take just a half an inch a day off, they can survive for up to 3 weeks,” said Schwier.

Another dollar saver is generally to avoid buying online if possible.  It'll often cost you 30 percent more in service fees, and you may not get exactly what you ordered.

You also don't get the personal care or deals you may get from a local florist.

“At Post Road English Garden, with all of our deliveries, you get a coupon that entitles you to bring it back and get six free roses after Valentine's Day,” said Schwier.

This time of year, the temperature can cost you your cold hard cash.  In a matter of minutes, flowers going from your vehicle to your home or office, can be destroyed.

So it’s very critical to cover them.  It can be with a newspaper, tissue, even a trash bag.

The final tip this year is about timing.  Because Valentine's Day falls on Saturday, send flowers to your loved ones office a day or two early!  They will definitely arrive on time, and there’s also another benefit.  Schwier says, without a doubt, guys will get kudos for showing their love, and making their lady the center of attention at home and at their work.

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