Online fundraiser raises money for Indianapolis non-profits

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 11, 2015)-- It's March Madness for non-profits. Brackets for Good is an online fundraiser that raised more than $350,000 last year for Indianapolis non-profits. The Brackets for Good tournament starts at the end of February.

Think of it like the college basketball tournament - replace all the teams with non-profit organizations. 64 Indianapolis non-profits will "compete" in this year's Brackets for Good online fundraising tournament.

"We created brackets for good as a awareness vehicle first, and fundraising vehicle second," said Matt McIntyre with Brackets for Good.

Users donate "points" online to get the non-profit to advance to the next round. Each dollar donates is a point.

Every dollar raised will be donated to the non-profit, regardless if they win the round or not.

It turns people not only on to a different way of giving but a different why of learning about the charities and then beyond that, a different way to get involved," said Matt McIntyre with Brackets for Good.

Last year, Horizons came in second place, raising more than thirty five thousand.

"We exist to help the achievement gap for low income kids compared to their middle upper income kids," said Mariann Bernlohr, Executive Director of Horizons.

During the summer, the Horizons program works with more than 100 IPS kids to make sure they don't fall behind.

"It`s a huge impact on the city also. They get to see 64 amazing groups doing amazing things in the city to make this a better place to live," said Mariann Bernlohr, Executive Director of Horizons.

The Brackets for Good website goes live Thursday. You can learn about the non-profits "competing" this year. The online fundraiser starts February 27 for the "March Madness" tournament.

Click here to get to the Brackets for Good website.

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