Pence ‘confident’ ISTEP+ test can be shortened, reveals second consultant hired

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ISTEP begins today in Indiana schools

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INDIANAPOLIS (Feb. 11, 2015) – Gov. Mike Pence says he’s confident that the ISTEP+ test can be shortened.

During a news conference Wednesday, the governor said Superintendent Glenda Ritz pledged to release all materials related to the ISTEP+ test to consultants hired by the state to shorten it. Pence revealed that the state had hired a second nationally-recognized consultant to help with the test. On Tuesday, he announced the hiring of another consultant for $22,000.

According to Pence, CTB McGraw-Hill has made seven recommendations on how to shorten the exam.

“I’m confident we can significantly shorten the test,” Pence said.

“(I’m) grateful for the cooperation the superintendent (Glenda Ritz) pledged in our phone call today,” Pence said.

The governor said consultants hope to have preliminary recommendations for shortening the test by Friday. He said he planned to wait on expert advice before commenting on exactly what changes are best for ISTEP+.

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