Dog walks 20 blocks to find owner in hospital

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CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (February 13, 2015) – This miniature schnauzer proves there’s nothing quite like the bond between people and their pets.

According to KCRG, Nancy Franck lives with her husband and two miniature schnauzers, Sissy and Barney, in southeast Cedar Rapids. Franck, however, recently had surgery, and she has been staying at a hospital about 20 blocks away from home.

Last Saturday, Nancy’s husband Dale reported that Sissy unexpectedly ran away from home.

But not long later, Sissy was seen on the hospital’s security cameras strolling through the two front doors.

Hospital security officer Samantha Conrad saw Sissy running around the lobby. She took a look at the dog’s tags and called Dale at home.

Dale told KCRG, “She wanted to go see her mom. She was on a mission but she couldn’t find the right elevator to take. HAH!”

The family still can’t figure out how Sissy knew where to go, but Sissy definitely brought a much-needed smile to Nancy’s face.

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