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VIDEO | Carjacking suspect crashes stolen car, runs into angry ‘Mama Bear’

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DALLAS, Texas (Feb. 13, 2015) – A Texas mother said she wasn’t even thinking when she jumped out of her van to attack a carjacking suspect.

Police had been chasing the car through Dallas when the suspect tried to squeeze his way between vehicles stopped at an intersection, including the woman’s minivan, reports KTVT. The woman’s boyfriend and son were passengers in the van.

Jessica Liesmann got out of the vehicle, grabbed the suspect and started throwing punches. Her boyfriend separated the two and held the man until police arrived.

Liesmann said the crash happened in a school zone while they were waiting to pick up their daughter.

One police officer said the suspect ran into a “Mama Bear.”

The suspect was charged with aggravated robbery and resisting arrest, police said.

Source: KTVT