Drivers stranded for more than five hours after massive pile-up

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DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. (February 15, 2015) -- Interstate 69 southbound near the 248 mile marker in Delaware County was shut down for more than five hours after a massive pile-up.

All lanes are back open and debris is cleared.

Drivers say whiteout conditions are to blame for the pileup. More than 30 cars were involved including multiple semi-trucks and a school bus.

Sarah Chookie was driving with her family to her daughter’s volleyball game in Indianapolis. She says it happened so fast she couldn't slow down. They crashed into the guardrail.

"We were trapped in the car for quite a while, but there was a lot of chaos going on, people making sure that everybody was okay," Chookie says.

Some drivers were trapped in their cars for nearly five hours before crews could clear the interstate. Holly Tulowitzky-Williams was one of them.

"As soon as we stopped, I jumped out and I started running up to make sure everybody was okay and helping people out and I told them to get off the road and get into the field because I didn’t want anybody else to get hurt if anymore come up behind us," she says.

Crews spent nearly 10 hours cleaning up debris scattered across both sides of the interstate.

"There were parts of the FedEx trailer that were just lying all over the road. There was diesel fuel coming out of one of the trucks," Chookie says.

Indiana State Police says six or seven people were taken to Ball Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. They're still working to figure out exactly how many cars were involved in the crash.