Apartment managers to increase security measures after crime wave

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 16, 2015) – Residents at a north side apartment complex, which has been plagued by recent crime, plan to bring questions to a 6 p.m. meeting with property managers Monday.

Management at the Summerwood on Towne Line Apartments, located near West 86th Street and Township Line Road, scheduled the meeting to address concerns about the recent crime wave.  The meeting follows multiple reports of crimes within the apartment complex.  The incidents include two women being robbed a gunpoint in late January.

One of the women was taken to a different location and sexually assaulted.  Other incidents since then have included a woman who ran away from a would-be robber who had jumped into the back seat of her car, and at least one apartment burglary.

Caroline Myers, who is currently trying to get out of her lease, says she feels unsafe living in the complex.

“I want to hear that they have full time security during dark hours, which they haven’t had,” Myers said.  “And I want to know what they’re going to fix the gates, fix the lights around the neighborhood.”

Several residents have told FOX59 they are unhappy with the way property managers have handled the recent crime wave.  Myers says communication about the crimes has been vague up until now.

“They only notified us about it after a news story had been televised,” Myers said.

Other residents have been concerned about a front security gate which has been broken and wide open for several months.

In a statement released Monday afternoon, Barrett and Stokely said a new security gate has been shipped and they hope to have it installed some time next week.  They also said security guards working on the property would soon be scheduled to work 24-hour shifts, which they had not been previously.

The statement also said the company was working with Indianapolis Metro Police to organize a crime watch meeting in the complex on March 11.

“Sometime in the near future, we will also offer self-defense training in the community building,” the statement said.  “An announcement will be forthcoming.”

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