Dirty Dining: What A-F grade did your school receive?

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Use the menu below to find what grade your school received.

Grading scale determined by the number of the following violations. Dates reflect last routine inspection:

A= Clean report, no violations

A-= 1 non-critical violation (not likely to make kids sick)

B= 1 critical violation

C= 2 critical violations

D= 2 critical violations and 3+ non-critical violations

F= 3+ critical violations


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Anna Brochhausen School 88: A 8/7/14
Arlington Woods School 99: A 9/19/14
Arsenal Tech High School: A 11/18/14
Broad Ripple High School: A 10/30/14
Brookside School 54: A 8/11/14
IPS Career Center: B 11/14/14
Carl Wilde School 79: A 9/8/14
Center for Inquiry School 2: A 9/10/14
Center for Inquiry School 27: A 9/16/14
Center for Inquiry School 84: A 9/25/14
Charles Warren Fairbanks School 105: A 8/20/14
Christian Park School 82: A 9/18/14
Clarence Farrington School 61: A 10/21/14
Cold Spring School: A 8/14/14
Crispus Attucks: A 10/02/14
Daniel Webster School 46: A 09/09/14
Elder W. Diggs School 42: A 8/20/14
Eleanor Skillen School 34: A 9/10/14
Eliza A. Blaker School 55: A 8/12/14
Ernie Pyle School 90: A 8/22/14
Floro Torrence School 83: A 9/15/14
Francis Bellamy School 102: A 8/22/14
Francis Scott Key School 103: A 9/08/14
Francis Parker School 56: A- 8/26/14
Gambold Prep: A 10/28/14
George S. Buck School 94: A 8/06/14
George H. Fisher School 93: A 8/06/14
George W. Julian School 57: A 8/06/14
George Washington Carver School 87: A 9/15/14
George Washington Community High School: A 11/07/14
Harshman Magnet Middle School: A 9/02/14
IPS/Butler University Laboratory School 60: A 8/15/14
James A. Garfield School 31: A 10/28/14
James Russell Lowell School 51: A 8/04/14
James Whitcomb Riley School 43: A 10/02/14
John Marshall Community High School: A 09/09/14
Jonathan Jennings School 109: A 09/24/14
Joyce Kilmer Academy 69: A 10/20/14
Key Learning Community: A 10/20/14
Lew Wallace School 107: A 10/01/14
Louis B. Russell Jr. School 48: A 8/21/14
Meredith Nicholson School 96: A 10/20/14
Nicholson Performing Arts Academy at School 70: A 9/25/14
Northwest Community High School: A 10/31/14
Paul I. Miller School 114: A 9/03/14
Ralph Waldo Emerson School 58: A 8/22/14
Raymond F. Brandes School 65: A 9/02/14
Riverside School 44: A 10/29/14
Robert Lee Frost School 106: A 10/03/14
Rousseau McClellan School 91: A 8/28/14
Shortridge Magnet High School: A 10/29/14
Sidener Academy: B 8/27/14
Stephen Foster School 67: A 10/01/14
SUPER School 19: A 9/05/14
Theodore Potter School 74: A 9/26/14
Thomas D. Gregg School 15: A 10/22/14
Washington Irving School 14: A 8/14/14
Wendell Phillips School 63: A 10/23/14
William McKinley School 39: A 9/09/14
William Penn School 49: A 8/27/14

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Andrew Academy: F 9/02/14
Andrew J. Brown Academy: B 9/05/14
Avondale Meadows Academy: C 10/06/14
Christel House Academy South: A- 9/17/14
Christel House Academy West: A 8/22/14
Enlace Academy: A 10/28/14
Fall Creek Academy: B 10/07/14
Herron High School: B 11/10/14
IMSA South: B 9/08/14
Imagine Life Sciences Academy West: D 10/03/14
IMSA North: D 8/11/14
IMSA West: F 11/17/14
Indy Metro High School: B 8/08/14
Indianapolis Academy of Excellence: C 9/03/14
Lighthouse Academy: B 10/21/14
Irvington Community Elementary: A 10/14/14
Irvington Community Middle: A 10/14/14
Irvington Prep High School: A- 10/14/14
KIPP Indianapolis: A 10/16/14
Padua Academy: A- 10/17/14
Paramount School of Excellence: B 11/10/14
Phalen Leadership Academy: A- 9/16/14
SENSE Charter School: A 10/21/14
RISE Learning: A 9/30/14
Tindley (Real Taste Catering): A- 9/18/14
Tindley Collegiate: B 10/15/14
Tindley Preparatory Academy: C 10/15/14
Tindley Renaissance Academy: B 8/12/14
Tindley Summit Academy: B 9/11/14
University Heights Preparatory Academy: A- 9/19/14
Vision Academy at Riverside: A 8/19/14

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Beech Grove High School: C 09/11/14
Beech Grove Middle School: C 8/27/14
South Grove Intermediate: A- 9/15/14
Central Elementary: A- 9/11/14
Hornet Park Elementary: A- 9/11/14

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Emma Donnan Middle School: D 8/14/14
T.C. Howe High School: D 10/23/14
Manual High School: B 8/18/14
Arlington High School: B 11/07/14


Adams Elementary: A 8/20/14
Arlington Elementary: A 8/19/14
Bunker Hill Elementary: A 8/22/14
Kitley Elementary: A 8/29/14
South Creek Elementary: B 9/10/14
Thompson Crossing Elementary: A 8/25/14
Franklin Township Middle School East: A- 8/27/14
Franklin Township Middle School West: A 9/11/14
Franklin Central High School: B 9/22/14

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Blue Academy: A 9/16/14
Gold Academy: A 9/16/14
Liberty Early Elementary: A- 9/15/14
Stephen Decatur Elementary: A- 9/17/14
Valley Mills Elementary: C 8/20/14
West Newton Elementary: A- 9/15/14
Decatur Middle School: A- 9/15/14
Decatur Township School for Excellence: C 8/27/14
Decatur Central High School: B 9/24/14

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Amy Beverland Elementary: B 10/07/14
Crestview Elementary: B 10/10/14
Oaklandon Elementary: A 10/07/14
Brook Park Elementary: A 10/10/14
Sunnyside Elementary: B 10/01/14
Mary Castle Elementary: A- 09/11/14
Winding Ridge Elementary: A- 09/18/14
Harrison Hill Elementary: A 10/27/14
Indiana Creek Elementary: A- 10/10/14
Skiles Test Elementary: A- 10/07/14
Forest Glen Elementary: B 10/06/14
Belzer Jr High School: A 10/29/14
Fall Creek Valley Middle School: A- 10/06/14
Lawrence Central High School: B 10/21/14
Lawrence North High School: F 10/10/14
McKenzie Center for Innovation and Technology: B 10/01/14

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Central Elementary: B 8/25/14
College Park Elementary: B 9/09/14
Deer Run Elementary: B 9/30/14
Eagle Creek Elementary: A 5/02/14
Eastbrook Elementary: B 8/14/14
Fishback Creek Public Academy: A- 9/16/14
Guion Creek Elementary: B 9/23/14
Guion Creek Middle: C 9/24/14
Lincoln Middle: F 9/11/14
New August Public Academy: A 8/26/14
Pike High School: C 9/12/14
Pike Freshman Center: B 9/12/14
Snacks Crossing Elementary: F 9/22/14

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Brookview Elementary: A- 9/05/14
Eastridge Elementary: B 9/05/14
Grassy Creek Elementary: B 9/17/14
Hawthorne Elementary: A 8/14/14
Lakeside Elementary: B 9/09/14
Liberty Park Elementary: A- 8/28/14
Lowell Elementary: B 8/25/14
Pleasant Run Elementary: B 9/08/14
Sunny Heights Elementary: B 9/12/14
Creston Middle: B 9/18/14
Raymond Park Middle: F 8/28/14
Stonybrook Middle: B 9/16/14
Warren Central High School: B 9/15/14
Renaissance School: A 9/22/14

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Allisonville Elementary: A 9/15/14
Crooked Creek Elementary: A- 9/19/14
Fox Hill Elementary: A- 10/02/14
Greenbriar Elementary: B 9/09/14
John Strange Elementary: A 10/21/14
Nora Elementary: B
Spring Mill Elementary: B 9/05/14
Eastwood Middle: A 10/21/14
Northview Middle: F 9/15/14
Westlane Middle: B 9/04/14
North Central High: B 9/17/15

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Ben Davis University High: B 9/05/14
Ben Davis High: A 10/10/14
Ben Davis 9th Grade Center: B 9/09/14
Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center: B 10/28/14
Lynhurst 7th & 8th Grade Center: A 9/16/14
Bridgeport Elementary: B 9/19/14
Chapel Glen Elementary: A 10/09/14
Chapelwood Elementary: B 8/22/14
Garden City Elementary: A- 8/12/14
Maplewood Elementary: A-  9/24/14
McClelland Elementary: B 9/05/14
North Wayne Elementary: A 10/02/14
Rhoades Elementary: A 9/05/14
Robey Elementary: B 9/16/14
Stout Field Elementary: A- 9/16/14
Westlake Elementary: A 8/18/14

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Southport Elementary: A 9/16/14
Winchester Elementary: A 9/04/14
Jeremiah Gray-Edison Elementary: A 8/26/14
Mary Bryan Elementary: A 9/09/14
Clinton Young Elementary: A 8/01/14
Homecroft Elemenetary: A 10/10/14
Rosa Parks-Edison Elementary: A 10/07/14
Henry Burkhart Elementary: A- 8/18/14
Glenns Valley Elementary: A 8/11/14
Abraham Lincoln Elementary: A- 8/01/14
Douglas MacArthur Elementary: A 8/18/14
Perry Meridian 6th Grade Academy: A 9/18/14
Perry Meridian Middle: A 9/8/14
Southport 6th Grade Academy: A- 10/29/14
Southport Middle: B 10/29/14
Southport High: A- 10/08/14
Perry Meridian High: A 8/20/14

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Frank Wheeler Elementary: A 10/10/14
Newby Elementary: A 10/10/14
Fisher Elementary: B 10/30/14
Allison Elementary: A 9/03/14
Speedway Jr. High: B 10/30/14
Speedway High: A 10/30/14

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Baptist Academy: A 9/12/14
Bishop Chatard High School: F 9/17/14
Brebeuf Prep School: B 10/06/14
Burge Terrace Christian School: A 9/10/14
Calvary Christian School: A 9/16/14
Calvary Lutheran School: A 10/02/14
Capitol City SDA School: D 11/12/14
Cardinal Ritter High School: B 9/15/14
Cathedral High School: B 10/16/14
Central Catholic School: F 11/13/14
Christ the King School: A 10/07/14
Colonial Christian School: A 9/16/14
Cornerstone Baptist Academy: A 9/18/14
Covenant Christian High School: A 8/22/14
Crosspointe Christian Academy: A 10/09/14
Gray Road Christian School: B 10/07/14
Greater Morning Star Christian School: A 8/19/14
Hasten Hebrew Academy: B 9/10/14
Heritage Christian School: D 10/13/14
Holy Angels School: A 10/16/14
Holy Cross Central School: B 10/17/14
Holy Name Catholic School: A 10/10/14
Holy Spirit Catholic School: B 9/05/14
Horizon Christian School: A 10/02/14
Immaculate Heart of Mary School: C 9/03/14
Indianapolis Junior Academy: A 10/22/14
International School of Indiana: B 9/30/14
Jewish Community Center: B 7/25/14
Lawrence Christian School: A 9/29/14
Lutheran High School: A 9/17/14
Nativity Catholic School: A 9/26/14
Our Lady of Lourdes School: A 8/26/14
Park Tudor School: A-  11/25/14
Providence Cristo Rey High School: B 11/12/14
Purpose of Life Academy: D 11/10/14
Roncalli High School: A-  10/14/14
St. Barnabas School: B 10/27/14
St. Christopher School: A-  9/04/14
St. Joan of Arc School: B 10/16/14
St. John’s Lutheran School: A 9/02/14
St. Jude Catholic School: A-  10/20/14
St. Lawrence School: A 10/15/14
St. Luke School: A-  9/09/14
St. Mark School: B 10/28/14
St. Matthew School: B 8/28/14
St. Monica Catholic School: A-  9/29/14
St. Philip Neri School: B 10/17/14
St. Pius X School: 10/07/14
St. Roch Catholic School: A- 10/28/14
St. Simon the Apostle: F 10/15/14
St. Thomas Aquinas School: A 10/01/14
Scecina High School: B 11/19/14
Southport Presbyterian Christian School: A-  9/25/14
St. Michael the Archangel School: A 9/15/14
St. Richards Episcopal School: A 10/01/14
St. Therese Little Flower School: D 10/27/14
Suburban Christian School: B 10/27/14
Sycamore School: B 9/18/14
The Oaks Academy: B 9/17/14
The Oaks Academy Brookside: B 10/31/14
The Orchard School: A-  9/18/14
Trinity Christian School: B 10/28/14
Trinity Lutheran School: B 9/10/14

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