Mold concerns temporarily close Anderson fire station

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ANDERSON, Ind. (Feb. 16, 2015) - Anderson Fire Department Station 2 is closed for the next two weeks so growing mold can be removed.

Anderson Fire Chief Philip Rogers says they noticed the problem last spring when a firefighter was complaining of a chronic cold.

"A fireman came to one of our deputy chiefs and had some concerns about him not being able to shake a cold and catching a cold more often," Rogers said.

Testing was done and it was determined there were critical levels of mold inside Station 2's attic. That's right above where firefighters sleep.

Since the mold discovery, it's taken nearly one year to find contractors to remove the mold. Chief Rogers says it could be due to the time of year the mold was discovered. He says in the meantime, firefighters will work and sleep from Station 1.

“It was important that we took care of this right away because this is our living quarters and the health and safety of our firefighters is very important to us,” said Rogers.

Chief Rogers says the work will cost about $13,000.

“Any thousands is a hit to anybody’s budget, but it’s something that needed to be done and like I said, we’re concerned about the health and safety of our guys,” said Rogers.

There’s more mold problems for this fire department, though. Chief Rogers says they’ve had mold removed in Station 1’s main office area, but it keeps coming back. He says right now though, they have the situation under control.

While Station 2 is closed, Chief Rogers says service will not be interrupted for people who live nearby. There’s two fire stations within about two miles from Station 2.

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