Student allegedly injured during ’30-second’ school fighting game

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WARREN TOWNSHIP (Feb 16, 2015) -- Some Central Indiana parents are concerned about a game students are playing at school.

Known as "30 seconds," the game challenges opponents to fight each other for 30 seconds.

A Stonybrook Intermediate Academy School student says he busted his lip during during a round of "30 seconds."

"You get this person in the bathroom and you fight for 30 seconds," said Tammy, the student's grandmother.

Tammy says her grandson was in the bathroom with a handful of boys and didn't run away in fear of being teased. He participated in the fight and walked away with a busted lip according to Tammy.

"If we know this is going on, why aren't we taking preventative measures?" said Tammy.

"Seeing a group of boys duck into a restroom seems to me to be one of those things that we as adults should have noticed," said Chuck Hibbert, president of Hibbert School Safety Consulting.

Hibbert says school safety comes down to the school having the right resources in place at the correct time.

“We are finding more and more of these incidents happen  where supervision is the number one issue.  Are people in the hallways? Are people on their duty locations?” Hibbert asked.

"I hope that the school realizes that this is a serious matter," said Tammy.

FOX59 has been in contact with a representative from the Metropolitan School District of Warren Township, however, the school has not commented on the incident as they are still gathering more information.

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