Outdoor workers try to stay warm in the brutal cold

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 18, 2015)-- Outdoor workers are braving subzero wind chills this week. Many of them have no choice but to battle the brutal cold in order to bring home a check.

Liberty Tax Service worker David Page was outside in Fountain Square playing a freezing saxophone that could barely carry a tune.

"It's hard. Can't barely get nothing out," said Page.

He's been advertising for the company for five years. Since tax time is a cold time of year in Indiana he says he knows what he's up against.

He wasn't alone. Just next to him we found a snow removal crew.

"It's not bad. The money's good so its definitely worth being out here...gotta keep it safe for everybody else," said Jonathan High.

And for both of those guys it was all about the layers. They piled on multiple coats and sweaters to brave the cold.

Freezing cold temps also means a good day for delivery drivers catering to the customer that wants to stay home and cozy up on the couch.

"Its been very busy. A lot of money but its very inconvenient. The roads have not been good but making a lot of money
that's for sure," said Jimmy John's driver, Cory Workman.

Some outdoor workers will be spared this week. The Department of Public Works has suspended trash pickup on Thursday because of the cold weather. They'll assess of pickup will slide one day or if they'll double up service next week.

Doctors advise covering all exposed skin during subzero temperatures and try not to stay outside for extended periods of time. If you loose color in your fingers or they start to tingle, you should see a doctor immediately.

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