Alert neighbors kick in door of burning house to aid in rescue

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Picture courtesy of IFD

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 22, 2015) – Thanks to the attentiveness of their neighbors, four people escaped their home Sunday night after neighbors saw smoke coming from their roof and went over and kicked in their door. The four people inside the home on 101 North Elder Avenue were able to escape without injury and were even able to go back and rescue their frightened dogs which had taken refuge in a rear bedroom.

According to IFD officials, the residents were never aware of any problems until their neighbors alerted them.

Investigators are looking for possible electrical problem that started the fire in the attic causing $45,000 dollars in damage and took almost 90 minutes to bring under control.

The American Red Cross and IFD Victims Assistance will be working with the family for shelter while the investigation continues.