No one comes to little boy’s birthday party, deputies save the day

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OSCEOLA OCOUNTY, FL. (February 20) — A Florida community saved the day and rallied around a boy with autism after no one came to his birthday party.

Glen Buratti invited his entire elementary school class to celebrate his sixth birthday. But on his special day, no one showed up.

Ashlee Buratti says her son Glenn was so devastated when he found out no one was coming to his birthday party that he refused to smile.

Ashlee told WKMG, “To see the look on his face killed me inside.”

Ashlee thought she had failed as a mother, so she turned to Facebook to express her feelings about how badly she felt for him.

Immediately, complete strangers started responding to her post. Soon, kids and their parents started arriving with gifts. According to WKMG, her post also caught the eye of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department, who sent their own gift – a flyover from the sheriff’s helicopter.

Ashlee told WKMG, “One of our friends put him up on his shoulders and Glenn just smiled the whole time and waved. It was amazing.”

Ashlee says the response has been positively overwhelming, and it has restored her faith in the higher power.

“The amazingness of everybody coming together for somebody that they didn’t even know. A kid that didn’t have anybody come to his birthday party. It warmed my heart,” Ashlee said to WKMG.

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