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Anderson housing fraud probe leads to prison guard’s secret past

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ANDERSON, Ind. (Feb. 24, 2015)-- A federal investigation into an Anderson man's possible involvement in housing fraud has uncovered the prison guard's criminal past in New York.

Investigators from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, backed by the Indiana State Police SWAT Team and detectives, raided the home of Kwame Abdulhaqq and seized documents and files in a probe of housing fraud.

Abdulhaqq was hired by the Indiana Department of Correction in 2007 as a Correctional Officer at the Pendleton Correctional Facility, but apparently his violent criminal history under the name Robert Borum was never detected by DOC investigators.

"As you know Abdulhaqq had an arrest record under a different name," DOC Spokesman Doug Garrison told FOX59 News. "The best we are able to reconstruct is the investigator reviewing his application file missed that Borum and Abdulhaqq were one and the same and thus was unaware that the criminal history also belonged to Abdulhaqq."

Garrison said DOC investigators typically check social security numbers of applicants to confirm that job seekers with criminal histories are not hired to guard prison inmates.

Abdulhaqq has been on long-term medical leave from DOC since 2011.

As agents continued their examination of Abdulhaqq's home, his wife told FOX59 News she had not been served with a search warrant.

"These people came into my house didn't show me no search warrant whatsoever," said Dinah Abdulhaqq. "Just said something about they was federal. I never seen a badge or nothing. When I came to the front room I had about 22 people in my home."

Mrs. Abdulhaqq denied that her husband had a criminal record.

"The man never served time in prison anywhere," she said. "He's a leader. He's a very educated man. He's a professor of information systems and a graduate of University of Phoenix."

"When he was in New York he was never into anything. The man has a long work history. He has always been into education and work."

Abdulhaqq had no comment as he walked back to his home from a utility van where he was questioned by federal investigators.

A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Indianapolis confirmed that Abdulhaqq is the target of a housing fraud investigation but is not under arrest or indictment.

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