Residents of Indianapolis subdivision hope home video will help catch thief

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 24, 2015) - Several people who live in a subdivision on Indianapolis' northwest side hope a home security video will help to catch a thief who has been breaking into cars.

The video, shot around 4:30 Tuesday morning in the 6600 block of Ahern Court, shows what appears to be a young male with longer hair trying to open car doors in a driveway.  After trying several car doors, the person walks out into the street and out of view of the camera.

The woman who lives in the home where the security video was shot said she noticed the video footage on her security system shortly after she awoke at 5 a.m.  When she looked out her window, she saw that her cars appeared undisturbed.  But her neighbor, Centrella, had not been so lucky.

“My fiancé had woke me up and told me my doors were wide open,” Centrella said.

Her doors had been left unlocked, making it easy for the thief to get into the vehicle. What was stolen?  Several of her children’s toys.

“Stealing kids’ toys in the snow,” Centrella said.  “The police didn’t understand it either, so what a sad situation.”

Centrella and several of her neighbors in the Cooper Pointe subdivision, near Westlane and Michigan Road, believe the suspects are coming from outside the neighborhood.

“I think what they do is they park their cars, and then they go over to another block,” Centrella said.  “Because I see trails back there, like footprints and stuff.”

A set of footprints in the snow could be seen leading from the driveway next door to Centrella, back between several houses and out of the subdivision.

The woman who took the security footage did not want to be identified, but she did want to get the word to her neighbors about locking their car doors.  She hopes somebody will recognize the person in the video and call police before somebody has a face-to-face encounter with him.

“He’s not innocent because he’s snatching people’s doors, but he could have gotten shot or anything,” she said.  “A body would have been laying there, a person would have been killed and their family would have been sad, but you gotta protect yourself.”

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