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Pay what you can: Salon’s holiday promotion turns into store policy

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OLATHE, Kan. (Feb. 25, 2015) – How do you put a price on looking good?

You can’t, a husband-and-wife hairstyling team decided.

The couple lets customers pay what they can at Shear Dimensions in Olathe, Kan. It started out as a holiday promotion but proved so successful that they decided to keep it around, reports WDAF.

They love seeing the looks on customers’ faces when they find out there’s no set price. Often, customers pay extra to help make up for those who can’t afford to pay a dime.

“Whatever that dollar figure is that’s running through your head, just imagine that’s people, and then go and find that number of people and tell them what we’re doing and let them be blessed. Let that be the payment,” said Travis Harland, who runs the salon with his wife, Lis.

Harland said he doesn’t want anyone to feel awkward or unwelcome at the business.

Source: WDAF