D’Oh! Homer Simpson solves mass of the Higgs boson 14 years before scientists

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(March 5, 2015) – Apparently Homer Simpson is more intelligent than we all think.  A science writer claims that The Simpsons character predicted the mass of the Higgs boson, often known as “the God particle,” 14 years before it was discovered by scientists.

The UK Daily Telegraph reports that a 1998 episode of the animated TV shows Homer in front of a blackboard working on an equation. According to author Simon Singh, that equation predicted the mass of the Higgs boson.

“If you work it out, you get the mass of a Higgs boson that’s only a bit larger than the nano-mass of a Higgs boson actually is. It’s kind of amazing as Homer makes this prediction 14 years before it was discovered,” Singh told The UK Daily Telegraph.