FBI, local law enforcement battle cyber crime in Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 5, 21015)-- FBI Special Agent in Charge in Indiana W. Jay Abbott tells FOX59 his top priorities include fighting cyber criminals. When asked if law enforcement can keep up with cyber-crime and hacking, Abbott responded, "We are trying to. It is a constant chasing game.  You cannot do enough to protect your identity on the Internet."

Just last month, Indianapolis-based insurance giant Anthem was hacked.

Social security numbers, credit card information and possibly addresses of 80 million customers were stolen.

"That's a huge investigation and I have almost daily communications about this. Indianapolis is home to several Fortune 500 industries and make them potential targets. I encourage all people to take extra security measures.  As soon as that's been compromised, it is so hard to repair it," said Abbott.

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Abbott says the FBI works with local law enforcement to fight cyber crime.

"On a national level, the FBI has revamped our strategy on approach to cyber crime," said Abbott.

But how can you take action and protect yourself?

The FBI recommends simple steps: update your operating system, change passwords and avoid quick clicking on unknown links, even if it appears from an e-mail address you know.

Also, watch your social media posts. Avoid putting too much information online. Simply mentioning your kids' names or even posting where you went for a run can all be used against you.

Anthem is offering free protections for affect customers after the data breach in February.

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