New ramp in Hamilton County expected to save motorists time and money

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HAMILTON COUNTY,Ind (March 5, 2015)--A new ramp in Hamilton County will relieve congestion from one of the busiest thoroughfares.

Leaders behind the project say the construction will save motorists time and money.

The ramp will now connect Keystone Avenue with 146th Street.

Currently, drivers are forced to go up 151st Street to get to Keystone Avenue or Smokey Road. The problem creates wasted travel time and increased traffic.

The lack of access from 146th to Keystone Avenue has been identified as a flaw for quite some time,however, the funds were not available to build a ramp due to the U.S. 31 construction.

"We identified a deficiency, which was direct access to Keystone from 146th Street," said Bradley Davis, Director of the Hamilton County Highway Department.

Davis says the new plan will get traffic off of the local roads and directly onto Keystone.He believes the new traffic configuration will be safer.

"There’s more interactions with pedestrians and you are going through neighborhoods--it's a safety issue too," said Davis.

Phase one of the project is slated to begin at the end of 2017 and will cost roughly $13 million said Davis.  Federal, State, and TIF funds from Clay Terrace will cover the cost of the project.