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Hoosier caught in the middle of police chase shares his scary story

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Mar. 7, 2015) -- Two stories are being told about the same dramatic police chase through Indianapolis. Sometime around 8 p.m. Friday night, police tried to stop a man who reportedly was firing gunshots in to the air. The chase stretched through a number of city streets before ending near East 28th Street and Central Avenue. During the chase, the suspect, identified as Jamor Markey, slammed in to two cars and the driver of one of them is sharing his scary story.

The man, Spenser Studebaker, a real estate broker for Century 21 Scheetz in Indianapolis, is doing okay other than some whiplash pain. He said he looked that suspect straight in the eyes before shock set in.

"He just kinda was like, I mean it was kind of a shocked look on his face, too, but in that point in time he was trying to get away from the cops so he was pretty much going to do what he wanted to," Studebaker said.

Studebaker had just been caught in the middle of the high speed chase at 38th Street and Meridian Street. The suspect slammed in to Studebaker as he was driving to his friends house.

"I happened to look over to my left right before the car hit me, I believe it was a Suburban or a Tahoe, and as soon as I saw the car, I kinda jumped in my seat to the left and then all of a sudden the car impacted me," Studebaker recalled.

That's when he says the guy took off with at least 10 police officers chasing after him. The chase ended when Markey surrendered to police near Central Avenue and Fall Creek.

Studebaker thinks bracing for the crash saved him.

"If I probably wouldn't have scooted over at the very worst I probably would have had a broken leg," he said.

Stephan Whit ran outside of his 13th floor apartment right after hearing the noise from the crash. His friend, and owner of photography business Lens Revolution, took pictures of the crushed vehicles on the street below.

"Hopefully the people that was involved in the crash, hopefully they're doing well," Whit said.

Markey is now facing a number of charges including leaving the scene of a crash and resisting law enforcement.

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