Family apologizes for suspect in Indianapolis park attack, says teen suffers from PTSD

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 17, 2015)-- The mother and grandmother of a 14-year-old girl accused of beating a teenager with brass knuckles in downtown Indianapolis hours after she is suspected of attacking another teen and a young boy in a city park want to apologize to the victims and explain their child's behavior.

"Actually I know there is something more going on with [her], so I'm not surprised," said Shawn Taylor, the suspect's mother. "She has been in counseling before. I mean, this is not our first rodeo."

In a cell phone video that has been viewed around the world, the teen is seen punching and kicking another girl and then turning on her victim's 5-year-old brother.

"I was shocked," said Shelia Taylor, "because I was thinking my granddaughter went over the edge. That's how I felt."

The beating in Brookside Park occurred several hours before Indianapolis Metropolitan police claim the suspect was involved in another fight outside Circle Centre Mall in downtown Indianapolis.

She is charged with a level 5 felony of battery with a deadly weapon for using brass knuckles on another teenage girl during the Saturday night fight.

The teen's Instagram page features a photograph of brass knuckles and a warning for viewers to "not try me."

"Ever since she has been like 10 we have gone through Behavior Corps," said the suspect's mother. "She's in services now, so I mean, I've been trying to get extra help."

Shawn Taylor said her daughter suffers from diagnosed post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other ailments.

"[She] has been needing help," said Shelia Taylor. "We have asked for help. My daughter has paperwork stating different places where she has gone and asked people for help."

Taylor said the teen was remorseful when she spoke with her granddaughter at the Marion County Juvenile Center.

"You could see it in her heart. I said, 'Baby, you can really see what you have done?' She said, 'Yes, m'am.' I said, 'It's really starting to come home to you now, ain't it?' All she could think of was, 'Grandma, I black out when this happens. I just black out.' That's what she told me and tears rolled because it really hurt."

Shawn Taylor said her family has received online threats and visits to their home by strangers in the wake of the posting of the Brookside Park beating video.

The family apologized to their daughter's park victim who may have been a classmate of the suspect's in 2013.

She faces a March 19 hearing in Juvenile Court for the downtown fight. She has yet to be charged in the Brookside Park case.