Drown rescue attempt postponed due to weather and nightfall

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Picture courtesy of IFD

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  (March 18, 2015) – IFD Dive crews were dispatched to the area of 10th St and White River Parkway W Dr. for a reported drown rescue Tuesday night.

Witnesses travelling westbound on an IndyGo bus reported to the driver that they saw an adult male jump from the bridge into the White River. The driver of the bus confirmed that she saw the man jump as well and stopped the bus for a brief minute. She reported seeing the man in the water and called 911.

IFD Tactical Teams arrived on scene and began a visual search of the area but without a credible on-scene information, they were unable to pinpoint a more exact location of the diver.

At the request of IFD Command, IndyGo supervisors requested the driver to return to the scene.  IFD crews visually searched on foot the 10th Street bridge riverbank for ¼ mile at rivers edge and downstream about ½ mile to the Michigan St. Bridge without locating anything. After the IndyGo driver returned, a witness interview was conducted and the last known location was pinpointed for divers to make entry.

A Zodiac boat was deployed and divers were taken to the approximate location to begin a boat based search.  However during the lapse in direct on scene contact with the witness, conditions for the search deteriorated.  Nightfall and brisk winds elevated the river current making the dive too risky for divers to enter.  The dive was terminated before any divers entered the water.  At this time it is unclear whether or not another attempt at a sub-surface rescue and recovery will take place Wednesday.

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