Sheriff starts drug tipline: ‘This is your opportunity to call us’

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TIPTON, Ind. (Mar. 18, 2015) -- Taking on a new level of "See something, say something," a central Indiana Sheriff has opened a new tipline to track down illegal drugs.

The line won't give you the fanciest of messages, but fancy is not what Sheriff Tony Frawley was going for with this tipline.

"This is a place to start," Frawley said.

Frawley, the Tipton County Sheriff since January 1, wanted to tackle the drug problem experienced across central Indiana. He decided to create a dedicated  number for anyone to call in a tip about possible illegal drug activity.

"(It's) a way for them to give the information, no strings attached," Frawley said.

That's because you can remain anonymous and you won't even speak to anyone on the phone. The line rings directly into Frawley's office and directs you straight to voicemail. He then checks it every day and passes tips to his team for follow up.

"All we can do is lay the groundwork for people to (report) and I believe we've done that," Frawley said.

People we talked to in the area liked the idea.

"I think it’s great, they (should) get these drugs out of the street," Carolyn Endicott said.

"We don’t want it on our streets, we don’t want our young kids to be using it and it to be accessible," Melisa Crouch said.

For one woman, Betty Walker, the idea even hit close to home.

"We have a great-granddaughter that’s in trouble right now and drugs is a lot of it and it hurts to see that," Walker said.

They are sentiments the Sheriff echoed, saying that even though Tipton County is relatively small, the message can extend anywhere. He's hoping people will pay attention to what's happening around them and take the time to call in.

"we’re not Marion County, we’re not Hamilton County but we have some of those same issues, I would say on a smaller scale," Frawley said. "We can't the information if you don't call us. This is your opportunity to call us."

Tipton County residents can call the drug tipline at 765-675-0788.

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