You look familiar! Couple realizes they met as kids 16 years before first date

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(March 20, 2015) – It was just a few seconds—no more than the blink of an eye, really.

But the 26-year-old home movie held a secret a New Jersey couple couldn’t believe: they’d already met.

According to, the 10-year-old girl in the video was Jourdan Barovick, then 10 years old. The boy with glasses was Ryan Spencer, then 13 years old. More than a decade later, they went on a blind date. They’re now married with three kids.

After watching the home movie, they couldn’t believe what they saw, playing it back and watching it over and over to make sure they saw what they thought they saw.

“I got a chill at first,” Ryan Spencer told about the chance meeting at Sesame Place amusement park in Langhorne, Pa. “I couldn’t believe it was me, and then it became kind of a romantic thing.”

For a time, it seemed like the video was lost to Hurricane Sandy, but it resurfaced around Christmas 2014. As it turns out, the video had been transferred from videotapes to DVD with some other home movies.