Caretaker’s son accused of beating up elderly Indianapolis man

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INDIANAPOLIS,Ind (March 23,2015)-- A man was arrested and accused of beating up an elderly man with disabilities. Thomas Johnson’s mother, Teresa Johnson, has taken care of Henry Mathews for over a decade.

Teresa says the allegations are false and the incident is one big misunderstanding.

“It’s terrible. I love Henry and I love my son,” said Johnson.

Neighbors allegedly heard yelling from the front porch and called police to a home on the 700 block of North Fenton Avenue.Thomas was arrested and accused of beating up Mathews

“He didn't do this! I've got pictures to prove it,” said Teresa Johnson.

Johnson took pictures of Mathews in the hospital and says there’s no signs of a fight. Mathews is in the hospital for unrelated health ailments, according to Johnson.

“Those are age marks and those are scars from where he used to work at,” said Teresa Johnson.

Teresa says she knows her son has a troubled past, but she’s confident that he’s not responsible for injuring Mathews.

"It’s pretty obvious what happened and everything got blown out of proportion.Tommy was drinking and he was mad but he wasn’t mad at Henry," said Teresa.

Mathews suffers from dementia, and she says her son would not hurt him.

"My son has a record and when you have a record that does it," said Teresa Johnson.

Charges are pending against Thomas.