Man’s truck stolen twice outside south side apartment

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INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis man wants more security at his apartment complex after his pickup truck was stolen twice right outside him home in less than a year. Both times, the truck was sitting outside Dwight Nanny's apartment at Thompson Village Apartments on the south side. Last summer, thieves took it and stripped the battery and car stereo.

This past weekend, they stole it and then abandoned it a few miles away on the side of the road without gas.

"I'm like, 'not again. This can't be happening,'" said Nanny.

Now Nanny locks his steering wheel with a club, but he wants the complex to add more security like installing surveillance cameras or hiring an off duty officer.

"I'd like to be able to come in and not have to get up every hour to go see if my vehicle is out there," he said. "It's getting old. It really is."

The complex is holding a pre-scheduled community meeting with Metro Police this week. Nanny plans to go and voice his concerns.

We reached out to the property management company and received this statement from Sr. Vice President of Property Management Linda Orange:

"Glick takes the security of our residents at Thompson Village, and all our properties, very seriously. We are aware of the criminal activity and are working closely with IMPD. Glick believes in arming our residents with information, which is why we notified them of the car break-ins. As you noted, we have already scheduled a Crime Watch meeting for later this week. We will continue to investigate the matter and work to provide the safest environment possible for our residents."