Family of Indianapolis mother killed in shooting speaks out

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 25, 2015) -- FOX59 is learning new details about the shooting death of a mother of four in Indianapolis. Court records show that Nakeda Norwood was shot in the head by her live-in boyfriend Nick Payne. Norwood's eldest daughter, Gi'Niaya, tried calling for help even though Payne wouldn't let her.

"She (Gi'Niaya) was strong enough and thoughtful enough to keep her (Nakeda) as coherent as possible during the whole thing. Mommy if you love us, just move your lips, Mommy," said Nakima Clark, Nakeda's cousin.

The nightmares of such a tragedy are difficult to relive, but Clark, Nakeda's brother GiJeon Spence and sister-in-law Sharmica Hanyard want you to hear the kind of person she was.

"She had the brightest smile in the world, she loved her babies to the point to where she'll go out there and throw the football with the boys," Spence said.

Three boys and a girl are left without a mother after, police say, her boyfriend Nick Payne shot her. The family didn’t know Payne and Nakeda wouldn’t tell them much.

"It's not about people in your business, it's not about people telling you what to do, it's about people making sure that you're okay at the end of the day," Spence added.

On March 18, police responded to the shooting and court records say police showed up as Payne was trying to take the kids away. Police asked Payne several times where the gun was, he said he didn't know. Norwood's daughter heard police asking, and said to Payne, "Just give her the gun." It was found in a treeline outside the apartment. Payne told Gi'Niaya he didn't do it and that Nakeda, "was playing with the gun and shot herself."

Later during questioning, Payne stated that he was "not 100 percent sure that I had the gun," followed by, "I didn't intentionally shoot that woman." Autopsy results revealed the cause of death was homicide.

"This is not how her story should have ended," Clark said. "This is not how the book should have been closed. She had years of giving and years of shining ahead of her."

The family has a strong message to pass along.

"Keep in contact with your family and be honest because at the end of the day that's all you have is your family and that alone is the world," Clark added.

Norwood's four children are in northern Indiana with family members and they are being taken care of. In the meantime, the family is preparing to say their final goodbyes. The family says visitation is Friday and the funeral is on Saturday.

Click here to visit the family's crowdfunding page.

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