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‘Your Town Friday’ stops in Pittsboro!

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PITTSBORO, Ind. (April 3, 2015) - This week “Your Town Friday” is heading to Pittsboro! You’ll find the Hendricks County community 22 miles northwest of downtown Indy.  Pittsboro is a small town, population right around 3,000, but it dates back to the early 1800s and you can actually take a step back in time by visiting the town’s 1883 One Room School.

"We are standing in the one room school built in 1883 and it was used until 1919.  When school populations got down to 15 or less we could not afford to keep the schools open," said schoolmarm Doris Martin.

After standing empty and unused for years, this 1883 One Room School was eventually sold to the northwest Hendricks County School Corporation.

"We moved this building here in 1988.  With the help of funds, we renovated and opened in spring of 2000."

Today the school is a living history museum. Kids and adults from all over the Midwest come to tour the school and see what class was like over a century ago. Martin plays the part of Miss Phoebe, a schoolmarm.

"We do a day of school in the year 1892.  There are a lot of fun names on the desks from the original class of 1911.  We followed these students and when the scholars come they take on the personas for the day and at the end of the day we tell them what they grow up to be.  It's one of their favorite things." said Doris.

Inside the school, grades one through eight all learn at the same time.

"The young scholars come dressed in period costuming and if they can't, we have aprons for the girls and old fashioned shirts for the boys if they choose," said Doris.

And if anyone steps out of line...and this includes adults...

"We have a dunst stool we use over here for that," said Doris.

Not for away you’ll find FROGS of Indiana.

"We are a fossil rock or gemstone store which is FROGS.  It’s an acronym and we’ve been here three years.  There are very few places that offer the things that we do.  We do everything from rough rock, finished jewelry, metaphysical, wands, pyramids, carvings and animal gemstone carvings.  We sell a lot of kits for kids and different types of rocks.  You can grow flowers on them or things like that.  We also have different tumble gemstones.  We have 85 different types out and 150 more that we have in the back," said owner Lorrain Fluhr.

Lorrain even holds classes, workshops and birthday parties. She sells the material or you can bring your own.

"We let you learn how to do it, it's not something we’re going to do for you.  If you’ve always wondered how to make those beautiful stones that are in the stores and things you can make with them, that is the fun part!  People ask me what's my most fun thing in the shop and it's not a thing.  I enjoy when you hear 'oh my gosh' because there are so many things you can enjoy about rocks that when you find the thing that interests you that’s the fun part!"

Just down Main Street is a super popular BBQ spot!

"It really is fabulous BBQ and I know there are a lot of BBQ fans out there these days.  It's a fun atmosphere and a friendly good staff," said co-owner Robin Crosse.

Robin and Jim Albeck opened Jimbo's BBQ a year and a half ago.

"Jimmy makes all the sauces.  The Carolina is the spicier, vinegar-based sauce, the Texas is the sweetest one, the Memphis is peppery and the Kansas City which is sweet and tangy.  We have of course the best pulled pork you’ll ever get.  We have beef brisket, pulled chicken, jumbo smoked chicken wings, smoked meatloaf, it’s different and good, baked beans, mac and cheese, green beans, we can hardly keep those in, garlic mashed, coleslaw and cornbread,” said Robin.

Robin says the key to good BBQ is knowing your smoke times.

“Rub the meat and know smoking times because they’re all different,” said Robin.

And…if you visit…don’t wear anything white or nice!

“We like to see you get messy.  If you’re getting messy we know you’re having fun and enjoying your food.”