Homeowner credits dog for alerting her to house fire

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 6, 2015)– Meet Raja, who according to her owner is a real life Lassie. Homeowner Jennifer Green says her 2-year-old pit bull saved her from their burning home on the city’s far east side Monday afternoon. Green was working in the basement when Raja came downstairs and led her to a fire burning on the back porch.

At that time, her smoke detectors went off and neighbors had started knocking on her door. Green evacuated through the garage but the dog ran back downstairs to the basement.

When firefighters arrived, they were able to rescue the dog from the basement as crews fought the blaze.

No one was hurt in the fire, but the home sustained significant damage.

Firefighters say the fire was caused by discarded ashes from a fire pit. The Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) would like to caution against discarding ashes without thoroughly wetting them down first.  Embers can flare up and re-ignite the ashes and cause serious damage to your home.