Illinois governor says he wants to ‘rip the economic guts out of Indiana’

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By Lindy Thackston

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 8, 2015) - A war of words is brewing between Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

Governor Rauner told the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune on Monday he wants to poach Hoosier jobs and "rip the economic guts out of Indiana."

"Believe me, I am going to rip — try to rip the economic guts out of Indiana," he told the newspaper. "I am one of the baddest, you know, enemies anybody can have. And when I set a goal, we do it. I don't care what the headline is. I want the results. And we're coming after Indiana big time. But you know what, we're going to do it on our terms, the right way."

Rauner is a republican who took office in January.

He denies he's using the controversy surrounding Indiana's religious freedom law as an opportunity.

Governor Pence's office released a response to Rauner's words on Monday.

"We'll stack Indiana's low taxes, triple A credit rating and excellent business climate against those of any other state any time," said Christy Denault, communications director for Governor Pence. "Our corporate taxes are going down, our workforce has been growing, and we will continue to aggressively recruit new companies and new jobs to our state. Illinois will find tough competition here in Indiana."

This is not the first feud between the two states. The Indiana Economic Development Corporation launched a campaign in 2011 targeting Chicago businesses with billboards asking if they felt "Illinoyed by higher taxes."

Meanwhile, Governor Rauner is planning a trip to Indiana in an effort to take Hoosier jobs, saying this strategy is part of his turnaround plan for the state of Illinois.