Indiana among top 3 states economically, says new report

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 8, 2015) - A new report out Wednesday morning shows the economic health of Indiana is on the upswing.

This comes despite the turmoil of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the threat from the Illinois Governor to come after Indiana business.

Two years ago, Indiana was ranked number 24.

Now, the Hoosier State ranks third, one of the top states economically speaking.

The study’s authors, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), attribute this in large part to economic competitiveness that allows business and individuals in Indiana to grow.

They base these rankings on a few factors, like income and property tax reductions and Indiana’s elimination of the state level death tax.

“I think Indiana policy makers should be commended,” said Jonathan Williams with ALEC. “I think many of the strides that began under Gov. Mitch Daniels and now continuing under Gov. Mike Pence are some of the best changes that we’ve seen of any state across the country.”

When asked if the religious freedom law would have any impact on these rankings since so many businesses have come out against the law, Williams said that’s considered the social side of policy. The study, he said, does not factor that into its rankings.

If RFRA affects the economy eventually, future studies will reflect that.

The top states in the study are Utah (#1) and North Dakota (#2).

The bottom two are Vermont (#49) and NY (#50).

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