Apartment manager jailed for stealing $10,000 in rent from tenants

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TIPTON COUNTY - A Tipton apartment manager was arrested for stealing $10,000 in rent from tenants over a number of years. Tipton police arrested Karen Nead this week. She was the manager at Hartwick Apartments for years.

Assistant Chief Jeffery Stout said Nead was taking advantage of a lot of people who thought their bills were being taken care of.

"She was asking her tenants to provide money orders that would pay for their monthly fees and instead of her cashing those money orders and paying her fees, she was cashing those and putting them in her own bank account," he explained.

The management company told Fox 59, they took over the property in 2013. They began investigating in February when they discovered a missing deposit. After a full audit, they fired Nead.

"You have to be aware of your situation, your surroundings and be smart about any kind of bank accounts you have and who you're giving your money to," said Stout.

Police said there may be even more victims since Nead also worked at Elm Apartments in Indianapolis. If you feel you may have been affected, you should call Tipton police.

"It just seems like the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper and deeper," said Stout.

Nead faces several charges including money laundering and 23 counts of theft.

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